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quilts 74×
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mosaics 64×
quilt 63×
streets 62×
folk-art 57×
fantasy 56×
lulu 54×
glass 53×
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art 41×
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41 puzzles tagged art

girl with snow globe by Oxana Zaika42girl with snow globe by Oxana ZaikaUnknown man by Marina Landi54Unknown man by Marina LandiMignight in the garden quilt90Mignight in the garden quiltCanadian cool by Elspeth McLean88Canadian cool by Elspeth McLeanthe river by the tree by Brenda White63the river by the tree by Brenda Whitemaybe he should have let go35maybe he should have let gopainting by Hans Pinggera70painting by Hans PinggeraRecital by Luigi Cavaliery72Recital by Luigi CavalieryHulk artwork by Suriane Soosay60Hulk artwork by Suriane Soosaylooks like a harem70looks like a haremSonata for Two plus Unicorn by Albena Vatcheva81Sonata for Two plus Unicorn by Albena VatchevaYoung Girl by Albena Vatcheva70Young Girl by Albena Vatchevapainting by Cleto Luzzi80painting by Cleto LuzziPalazzo con personaggi Arturo Ricci70Palazzo con personaggi Arturo RicciRussian painting63Russian paintingComposition60Compositioncolorful mural on a brick wall35colorful mural on a brick wallLotus by Ricardo Chavez-Mendez35Lotus by Ricardo Chavez-MendezCallejas35CallejasThe Cup Of Chocolate99The Cup Of Chocolate