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97 puzzles tagged architecture

Glass by Frank Lloyd Wright 1168Glass by Frank Lloyd Wright 1Chapel180ChapelArt Nouveau decorated bldg Nancy FR180Art Nouveau decorated bldg Nancy FRLeadenhall Market London160Leadenhall Market LondonLakeview Chapel MN180Lakeview Chapel MNEntrance to bldg in Toronto Canada150Entrance to bldg in Toronto CanadaWall Panel Color Series Set by Mark Ditzler 6546871108Wall Panel Color Series Set by Mark Ditzler 6546871Castle Coch Cardiff Interior room 44150Castle Coch Cardiff Interior room 44Hall somewhere 570150Hall somewhere 570Hall in France150Hall in FranceMusic palace Barcelona99Music palace BarcelonaAugustus Welby Northmore by Pugin168Augustus Welby Northmore by PuginNauschwanstein germany 4160Nauschwanstein germany 4The Borujerdi House, Kashan Iran77The Borujerdi House, Kashan IranAleem Ul hassan63Aleem Ul hassanCool colored building 65487188Cool colored building 654871Illustration of Church of St Mary Yorkshire 20596201165Illustration of Church of St Mary Yorkshire 20596201