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101 puzzles tagged architecture

Ghent Belgium in the summer60Ghent Belgium in the summerReale Palace in Genoa60Reale Palace in GenoaGrammer of Ornaments Pompeii number 380Grammer of Ornaments Pompeii number 3Mogila Cistercian Abbey chapel70Mogila Cistercian Abbey chapelGlass gas taken by Duane Moore48Glass gas taken by Duane MooreAmiens cathedral France77Amiens cathedral Franceview from below the Eiffel Tower35view from below the Eiffel Towerglass dome Galleries Lafayette 270glass dome Galleries Lafayette 2colorized building 1290colorized building 12Galleria Sciarra Rome88Galleria Sciarra RomeGhent Belgium from St Michael's bridge77Ghent Belgium from St Michael's bridgeChancel and altar of Cathedral of our Lady Szeged108Chancel and altar of Cathedral of our Lady Szegedlatin bridge in Sarajevo70latin bridge in Sarajevofacade in Italy42facade in Italyunder repair60under repairAll Saints London Interior 230All Saints London Interior 2Blue Mosque domes77Blue Mosque domesAntwerp central station 170Antwerp central station 1Deansgate junction84Deansgate junctioncolorized building54colorized building