colorful 138×
architecture 97×
misc 82×
quilts 73×
contemporary 70×
digital 66×
mosaics 64×
streets 62×
quilt 61×
fantasy 56×
folk-art 55×
glass 53×
animals 45×
church 44×
interiors 43×
lulu 43×
transport 43×
art 41×
car 41×
cat 41×

45 puzzles tagged animals

Secret of the cosmic box by Elena Khomoutova80Secret of the cosmic box by Elena KhomoutovaDrinking buddies36Drinking buddiespretty puppy48pretty puppyPretty kitty54Pretty kittyWolf by Christine Karron48Wolf by Christine Karroncross between cat and dust35cross between cat and dustyo llama by Linda Israel36yo llama by Linda IsraelRajah's feast63Rajah's feastZebras72ZebrasI'm owl that and more42I'm owl that and moretea for two35tea for twotwo more please32two more pleaseRainbow lorikeets sitting on a branch35Rainbow lorikeets sitting on a branchmandarin duck35mandarin duckfancy forest25fancy forestFiesta dogs by Victoria De Almeida60Fiesta dogs by Victoria De Almeidacrafty schnauzer by Brooke Faulder70crafty schnauzer by Brooke FaulderElephant dreams 2 by Sherry Shipley90Elephant dreams 2 by Sherry ShipleyPiano Lesson35Piano Lessongreat horned owl by Sue Coccia35great horned owl by Sue Coccia