lulu 543×
digital 248×
colorful 191×
quilts 186×
abstract 176×
quilt 176×
fractal 163×
misc 113×
architecture 101×
cat 86×
contemporary 86×
animals 81×
fantasy 79×
mosaics 68×
folk-art 67×
christmas 63×
streets 63×
glass 60×
colors 59×
art 56×

176 puzzles tagged abstract

Colorful Moon Tides70Colorful Moon TidesFractal 580Fractal 5Kaleidoscope63KaleidoscopeFan Dance72Fan DanceRainbow Spiral35Rainbow SpiralColorful Abstract78Colorful AbstractColorful Bubble Rings80Colorful Bubble RingsFloral Fractal from Pinterest70Floral Fractal from PinterestHearts Armor20Hearts ArmorSunken Psychedelic Sun80Sunken Psychedelic SunMoving Fast, Hang on Tight42Moving Fast, Hang on TightFollow your heart70Follow your heartChristmas Star48Christmas Starrainbow spiral77rainbow spiralSomething wonderful35Something wonderfulThese billiard balls make me Dizzy80These billiard balls make me DizzyNature Wakes80Nature WakesSpirograph light blades36Spirograph light bladesHarlequin Snail24Harlequin SnailWalking in the Wind80Walking in the Wind