lulu (1252)
colorful (516)
digital (376)
colors (331)
abstract (260)
quilt (244)
quilts (244)
fractal (235)
rainbow (201)
food (160)
misc (160)
collage (154)
architecture (138)
art (120)
color (117)
animals (113)
pattern (113)
geometric (104)
cat (103)
sweet (103)

260 puzzles tagged abstract
Tags to specify: +lulu +wolfepaw +lulu5987 +abstractartangel77 +digital +thelma1 +"song sing" +fractal +"mark mckie" +"matt w moore"

blooming35bloomingspinning out110spinning outmirror90mirrorrainbow ripple63rainbow rippleMarilyn110Marilyngone bananas80gone bananasbeachy ball56beachy ballscrambled eggs80scrambled eggsFractal flowers110Fractal flowers1656701656leftover ribbons30leftover ribbonsJump!81Jump!time keeps on spinning into the future80time keeps on spinning into the futuretile balloon72tile balloonForm Follows Flow63Form Follows FlowFractale 5 by Pascal DUVET63Fractale 5 by Pascal DUVETspace the final frontier42space the final frontiergeometric one three five49geometric one three fiveKool63Kooldistraction63distraction