lulu 789×
digital 299×
colorful 277×
quilts 219×
abstract 214×
quilt 211×
fractal 201×
misc 131×
architecture 130×
colors 104×
cat 95×
rainbow 91×
animals 89×
contemporary 86×
fantasy 80×
mandala 68×
mosaics 68×
folk-art 67×
pattern 67×
streets 65×

214 puzzles tagged abstract

Cycles & Seasons Spot Varnish 8 B&W36Cycles & Seasons Spot Varnish 8 B&WCycles & Seasons Spot Varnish 8 color72Cycles & Seasons Spot Varnish 8 colorFrac 4201872Frac 42018just a little bit more color54just a little bit more colorwormhole color49wormhole colorBy Gone Days35By Gone DaysSolve a Word Puzzle (answer in tags)36Solve a Word Puzzle (answer in tags)Harlequin Sphere72Harlequin SphereStarburst77StarburstPlaying with Colors and Patterns 148Playing with Colors and Patterns 1Transformation63TransformationRainbow Porcupine35Rainbow PorcupineTrippy Space Station72Trippy Space StationMetallic Daze80Metallic DazeIncindiary56IncindiaryHello to March70Hello to MarchParting the Red Sea70Parting the Red SeaMind Bending Kaleido in the Middle by Claude Polypheme70Mind Bending Kaleido in the Middle by Claude PolyphemeOriginal Sunshine Lollipop & Rainbows Everywhere49Original Sunshine Lollipop & Rainbows EverywhereRainbow Brite70Rainbow Brite