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needlepoint town40needlepoint townHollow cube quilt bu Mandy Meierotto80Hollow cube quilt bu Mandy MeierottoChicago river view48Chicago river viewacid rainbow by thelma180acid rainbow by thelma1macaroons with coffee and marshmallows54macaroons with coffee and marshmallowsBe Colourful by Jacqueline de Jonge80Be Colourful by Jacqueline de JongeCelestial Splendor quilt by Rachel Wetzler80Celestial Splendor quilt by Rachel Wetzlerfresh fruit drinks88fresh fruit drinksI don't know the  title by Oxana Zaika35I don't know the title by Oxana ZaikaStar brite mandala art blanket by Elisa Rose80Star brite mandala art blanket by Elisa RoseMandala by Fabio Mielli90Mandala by Fabio MielliSampler medallion quit by Sue Dollin99Sampler medallion quit by Sue DollinSalsa rainbow by abstractangel7790Salsa rainbow by abstractangel77Gothic star ceiling of Ely Cathedral88Gothic star ceiling of Ely CathedralStained glass bloom redux by wolfpaw77Stained glass bloom redux by wolfpawGarfield park conservatory36Garfield park conservatorybizzaro cat by Julie35bizzaro cat by JulieCrystal Prism quilt by Jeanneie Sumral-Ajero63Crystal Prism quilt by Jeanneie Sumral-AjeroThe Virgin of Guadeloupe35The Virgin of GuadeloupePinwheel90Pinwheel