2 Level Beach House252 Level Beach HouseLobby of a Wyoming Inn63Lobby of a Wyoming Innsomeone painted their room this way90someone painted their room this waySerge Ivanoff's Studio in Paris by Alexandre Serebriakov63Serge Ivanoff's Studio in Paris by Alexandre SerebriakovCharlottenburg Castle Berlin interior30Charlottenburg Castle Berlin interiorSt James Cathedral Toronto99St James Cathedral TorontoBaby grand by Andy Russell35Baby grand by Andy RussellLiving room70Living roomroom at the Hotel Rococanachi by Alexandre Serebriakov48room at the Hotel Rococanachi by Alexandre SerebriakovMonet's Tranquility by K Madison Moore70Monet's Tranquility by K Madison MooreThe study63The studyVenetian View by John O'Brien54Venetian View by John O'BrienCasino70CasinoCabin bedroom35Cabin bedroombedroom Alexandre Serebriakoff35bedroom Alexandre SerebriakoffCozy Patio40Cozy PatioThe office Alexandre Serebriakoff le bureau70The office Alexandre Serebriakoff le bureauThe sitting room by John O'Brien70The sitting room by John O'BrienLe Salon by Alexandre Serebriakoff 263Le Salon by Alexandre Serebriakoff 2Museum Interior35Museum Interior