Bears bears bears by Jane Wooster Scott54Bears bears bears by Jane Wooster ScottAt the station by Joseph Burgess48At the station by Joseph BurgessPainting on a Costa Rican cart80Painting on a Costa Rican cartAmish by Joseph Burgess80Amish by Joseph BurgessBlues by Robert Finale63Blues by Robert FinaleA Victorian street80A Victorian streetperenial entrance42perenial entranceHoliday Magic70Holiday Magicsummit showhome48summit showhomeFaerie Glass48Faerie GlassWitchfest Dowdle63Witchfest Dowdleart by Juan Coche Mendoza42art by Juan Coche MendozaFarm by Laura Vidra54Farm by Laura VidraBefore the rehearsal by John O'Brien63Before the rehearsal by John O'BrienLavender Fields by John O'Brien70Lavender Fields by John O'BrienStepping Stone Creek by Andy Russell70Stepping Stone Creek by Andy RussellThe Three Graces Josephine Wall72The Three Graces Josephine WallFlower Sop by Laura Vidra70Flower Sop by Laura Vidravillage life12village lifefolk art Eric Dowdle35folk art Eric Dowdle