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Lonely cactus300Lonely cactusShrubland299ShrublandVegetation in the caatinga300Vegetation in the caatingaspecies in sonoran desert300species in sonoran desertcactus grand canyon300cactus grand canyonA giant barrel cactus in Desert300A giant barrel cactus in DesertHedgehog cactus300Hedgehog cactusjumping cholla300jumping chollaSan pedro cactus300San pedro cactuseastern prickly pear300eastern prickly pearEastern Prickly Pear300Eastern Prickly PearJanuary-santa-rita-cactus300January-santa-rita-cactusJoshua-tree-hike-palm-springs-hikes300Joshua-tree-hike-palm-springs-hikesOpuntia phaeacantha300Opuntia phaeacanthaOpuntia elatior Mamora M.Rouviere300Opuntia elatior Mamora M.RouviereOpuntia elatior O. Fouerat Mamora300Opuntia elatior O. Fouerat MamoraOpuntia gosseliniana var. santa-rita300Opuntia gosseliniana var. santa-ritaOpuntia elatior 3300Opuntia elatior 3Opuntia macrocentra - Black-Spined-Prickly-Pear289Opuntia macrocentra - Black-Spined-Prickly-PearOpuntia phaeacantha300Opuntia phaeacantha