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Marine Osprey and Harrier98Marine Osprey and HarrierUSS Stethem firing a Harpoon96USS Stethem firing a HarpoonLCS firing new Naval Strike Missile99LCS firing new Naval Strike MissileUSS Ford (FFG-54) in Puget Sound 201399USS Ford (FFG-54) in Puget Sound 2013Two Battleships followed by three Cruisers80Two Battleships followed by three CruisersNRP Corte Real (F 332)96NRP Corte Real (F 332)WW2 Jeep in the mud80WW2 Jeep in the mudM170 - Ambulance variant of M38A199M170 - Ambulance variant of M38A1Amphibious Assault Vehicle99Amphibious Assault VehicleMark VI Patrol - US Navy96Mark VI Patrol - US NavyAircraft Carrier98Aircraft CarrierLAV-25 on deck96LAV-25 on deckViper96ViperCobra98CobraCruiser USS Normandy96Cruiser USS NormandyPortugese Frigate 33296Portugese Frigate 332M3 half track99M3 half trackUSS Meyer DDG96USS Meyer DDGUSS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108)96USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108)LHDs US Navy99LHDs US Navy