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P-47D Thunderbolt - Mexican 201st Fighter Squadron96P-47D Thunderbolt - Mexican 201st Fighter SquadronFlag of the British Army (1938-present)98Flag of the British Army (1938-present)M3 Grant99M3 GrantM10 Achilles99M10 AchillesAussie M11396Aussie M113M7 Priest99M7 PriestAngola BRDM98Angola BRDMFury96FuryWarrior IFV96Warrior IFVBritish Army Royal Logistic Corps Ensign98British Army Royal Logistic Corps EnsignIrish Mowag Piranha IIIH96Irish Mowag Piranha IIIHM60A1 Marines Desert Storm96M60A1 Marines Desert StormM22 Locust light tank at Bovington100M22 Locust light tank at BovingtonM103 Heavy tank at Ft Lewis Military Museum99M103 Heavy tank at Ft Lewis Military MuseumM551 Sheridan with MERDC camo99M551 Sheridan with MERDC camoSK-105 Kurassier Bolivian light tank 200796SK-105 Kurassier Bolivian light tank 2007M60A1 tank with ERA96M60A1 tank with ERAIndian Arjun Tank96Indian Arjun TankC1 Ariete Italian MBT99C1 Ariete Italian MBTMerkava Mk499Merkava Mk4