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uss 85×
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usns 26×
us 25×
usn 25×
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uk 20×
naval 19×
destroyer 17×
carrier 15×
hms 15×
jack 14×
mansion 13×
woman 13×
estate 11×
police 11×

26 puzzles tagged usns

USNS Hayes (T-AG-195)120USNS Hayes (T-AG-195)T-AO-202 USNS Yukon117T-AO-202 USNS YukonUSNS Pollux T-AKR-290 Pusan120USNS Pollux T-AKR-290 PusanUSNS Hayes T-AG-195120USNS Hayes T-AG-195T-AGM-25 Howard O. Lorenzen120T-AGM-25 Howard O. LorenzenUSNS Comfort T-AH-20117USNS Comfort T-AH-20T-AE-32 USNS Flint ammo ship117T-AE-32 USNS Flint ammo shipT-AKR-300 USNS Bob Hope120T-AKR-300 USNS Bob HopeT-AOE-7 USNS Rainier120T-AOE-7 USNS RainierT-AOT-1125 USNS Gianella tanker108T-AOT-1125 USNS Gianella tankerT-ARS-51 USNS Grasp108T-ARS-51 USNS GraspT-ATF-172 USNS Apache108T-ATF-172 USNS ApacheT-EPF-3 USNS Millinocket117T-EPF-3 USNS MillinocketT-ESD-1 USNS Montford Point Espeditionary transfer dock112T-ESD-1 USNS Montford Point Espeditionary transfer dockHST-1 USNS Guam former Hawaii ferry96HST-1 USNS Guam former Hawaii ferryAS-40 USS Frank Cable120AS-40 USS Frank CableFrench Carrirer Burke Destroyer and Auxiliary117French Carrirer Burke Destroyer and AuxiliaryDestroyers and Auxiliary120Destroyers and AuxiliaryT-AGOS-1 USNS Stalwart Surtass ship 1986120T-AGOS-1 USNS Stalwart Surtass ship 1986T-AKE-6 USNS Amelia Earhart120T-AKE-6 USNS Amelia Earhart