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USS Higgins DDG120USS Higgins DDGUS Navy Monterey Cruiser120US Navy Monterey CruiserUSS John Warner SSN117USS John Warner SSNXF8U-3 Crusader99XF8U-3 CrusaderSpruance Class Destroyer USS Fletcher120Spruance Class Destroyer USS FletcherUSS Slater Destroyer Escort117USS Slater Destroyer EscortUSS Kidd Fletcher class120USS Kidd Fletcher classLPD New York and CVN120LPD New York and CVNUSNS Able T-AGOS-20110USNS Able T-AGOS-20Helldiver110HelldiverXF8U Crusader III77XF8U Crusader IIIF18s on deck120F18s on deckUSN Amphibious assault ships120USN Amphibious assault shipsSeapower 04120Seapower 04Ships on the horizon117Ships on the horizonHDMS Vaedderen HMCS Montreal Uss Porter117HDMS Vaedderen HMCS Montreal Uss PorterBB-60 USS Alabama120BB-60 USS AlabamaPegasus class hydrofoils underway117Pegasus class hydrofoils underwayIndependence class LCS ships120Independence class LCS shipsIndependence class LCS117Independence class LCS