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Malaysian Frigate and US Cruiser117Malaysian Frigate and US CruiserNavy M38120Navy M38AAVs being launched117AAVs being launchedF18 Hornet117F18 HornetF18 Hornet117F18 HornetF18108F18USNS Supply USS Enterprise120USNS Supply USS EnterpriseDDG USS Lawrence117DDG USS LawrenceUSS Arlington LPD117USS Arlington LPDNimitz and the Rock of Gibralter117Nimitz and the Rock of Gibraltervertical replenishment with cruiser120vertical replenishment with cruiserMCM5 USS Guardian US Navy108MCM5 USS Guardian US NavyCruiser in rough seas108Cruiser in rough seasUSNS Big Horn120USNS Big HornCruiser LSD and LPD108Cruiser LSD and LPDUSS Winston Churchill DDG 81108USS Winston Churchill DDG 81USS Chancellorsville CG62108USS Chancellorsville CG62USS Texas BB35120USS Texas BB35USS Porter117USS PorterUSS Laboon DDG117USS Laboon DDG