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M60A1 Marines Desert Storm96M60A1 Marines Desert StormM24 Chaffee99M24 ChaffeeM22 Locust light tank at Bovington100M22 Locust light tank at BovingtonM103 Heavy tank at Ft Lewis Military Museum99M103 Heavy tank at Ft Lewis Military MuseumM551 Sheridan with MERDC camo99M551 Sheridan with MERDC camoM41 Bulldog with an M4 in background98M41 Bulldog with an M4 in backgroundM551 Sheridan modified to look like T-80 1993 exercise96M551 Sheridan modified to look like T-80 1993 exerciseSK-105 Kurassier Bolivian light tank 200796SK-105 Kurassier Bolivian light tank 2007Challenger 296Challenger 2M60A1 tank with ERA96M60A1 tank with ERALeopard 2 A799Leopard 2 A7Indian Arjun Tank96Indian Arjun TankC1 Ariete Italian MBT99C1 Ariete Italian MBTAustralian Leopard AS196Australian Leopard AS1Leopard C2 Canadian Forces96Leopard C2 Canadian ForcesBrazilian Leopard 1A599Brazilian Leopard 1A5Canadian Leopard C298Canadian Leopard C2Australian Leopard AS196Australian Leopard AS1Churchill Crocodile99Churchill CrocodileChurchill in Alberta Museum98Churchill in Alberta Museum