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RFA Mounts Bay88RFA Mounts BayHickam AF Base - repatriated remains from Korean War96Hickam AF Base - repatriated remains from Korean Warmulti-national naval exercise96multi-national naval exerciseCanadian MV Asterix refuels allied ships96Canadian MV Asterix refuels allied shipsmulti-nationional naval exercise96multi-nationional naval exerciseF-331 KRI Martinadada Indonesia96F-331 KRI Martinadada IndonesiaMalaysian Frigates with USS Washington96Malaysian Frigates with USS WashingtonHMS Albion96HMS AlbionUS Navy Destroyers96US Navy DestroyersMV Asterix Royal Canadian Navy Auxiliary ship96MV Asterix Royal Canadian Navy Auxiliary shipL-01 HMAS Adelaide96L-01 HMAS AdelaideNaval ships led by a Cruiser96Naval ships led by a CruiserFFH-335 HMCS Calgary96FFH-335 HMCS CalgaryIraqi Navy P-303 Patrol boat96Iraqi Navy P-303 Patrol boatLPD-26 USS Murtha and DDG99LPD-26 USS Murtha and DDGLD-602 BRP Dalvao Del Sur - Philippines96LD-602 BRP Dalvao Del Sur - PhilippinesDDG-992 ROKS Yulgok Yi I - S. Korea96DDG-992 ROKS Yulgok Yi I - S. KoreaDDG 107 USS Gravely96DDG 107 USS GravelyRFA Mounts Bay96RFA Mounts BayUkraine KA-27 lands on USS Porter96Ukraine KA-27 lands on USS Porter