flowers and rainbows and crystals and vintage and sunsets and stained glass and cats and pretty places with the occasional sprinkling of fandomy stuff :) P.S. none of the photos I use are my own, with the exception of all the puzzles in the album entitled "my art," which are all mine.


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by @darkfawnjewelry on instagram100by @darkfawnjewelry on instagramYuanyang rice terraces, Yunnan, China by awendala on tumblr204Yuanyang rice terraces, Yunnan, China by awendala on tumblrphoto by mistylines on tumblr100photo by mistylines on tumblrby Pyrrhamood on tumblr204by Pyrrhamood on tumblrvintage ornaments I63vintage ornaments Ibeautiful Gillian80beautiful Gillian@floretflower on instagram100@floretflower on instagramthe opaque99the opaquemsr 5ever154msr 5everdetail: “Summer is Incumen In” (1902) by Herbert Arnould Olivier100detail: “Summer is Incumen In” (1902) by Herbert Arnould Olivier

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