Vibrant Landscape35Vibrant LandscapeFuschia Triceratops Coffee Table35Fuschia Triceratops Coffee TableRaggedy Anne by Kerry Bruce36Raggedy Anne by Kerry BruceVibrant Martini Glass35Vibrant Martini GlassThe Garden Spirit36The Garden SpiritTyrannosaurus Rex on the Hunt35Tyrannosaurus Rex on the HuntGlorious Hot Dogs35Glorious Hot DogsAbstract Figurative35Abstract FigurativeAvian Observatory35Avian ObservatoryDino Honey Ginger Biscuits35Dino Honey Ginger BiscuitsBelle by Kerry Bruce36Belle by Kerry BruceThe Spirit Molecule35The Spirit MoleculeAzure Agave35Azure AgaveTyrannosaurus Rex Cookie36Tyrannosaurus Rex CookieBize Salt Flats36Bize Salt FlatsVibrant Desert Landscape35Vibrant Desert LandscapeCubist Floral Painting35Cubist Floral PaintingElasmosaurus35ElasmosaurusTwilight35TwilightLast Light in the Hills over Windermere36Last Light in the Hills over Windermere