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Emblem of South Korea.svg289Emblem of South Korea.svgFlag of South Korea.svg300Flag of South Korea.svgSeal of the United States Senate.svg289Seal of the United States Senate.svg750px-Flag of Spain.svg300750px-Flag of Spain.svg744px-Standard of the Governor of Alabama.svg300744px-Standard of the Governor of Alabama.svg600px-Flag of Basilicata.svg300600px-Flag of Basilicata.svgFlag of Apulia.svg300Flag of Apulia.svg900px-Flag of Valle d'Aosta.svg300900px-Flag of Valle d'Aosta.svgFlag of Abruzzo.svg300Flag of Abruzzo.svgSeal of the President of the United States.svg289Seal of the President of the United States.svgFlag of the President of the United States of America.svg300Flag of the President of the United States of America.svg450px-Presidential Flag of Panama.svg300450px-Presidential Flag of Panama.svgCoat of arms of Panama.svg289Coat of arms of Panama.svg497px-Coat of arms of Portugal.svg300497px-Coat of arms of Portugal.svg220px-Coat of arms of Portugal (Lesser).svg289220px-Coat of arms of Portugal (Lesser).svgFlag of Quintana Roo300Flag of Quintana Roo400px-Coat of arms of Oaxaca.svg300400px-Coat of arms of Oaxaca.svg300px-Coat of arms of Puebla.svg300300px-Coat of arms of Puebla.svg225px-Coat of arms of Sinaloa.svg300225px-Coat of arms of Sinaloa.svgFlag of Mexico (state)300Flag of Mexico (state)