painting 230×
fantasy 123×
josephine 109×
wall 109×
woman 91×
art 71×
child 57×
life 57×
girl 29×
tricia 25×
reilly-matthews 23×
nature 20×
animal 19×
animals 18×
fairy 18×
300 17×
children 15×
christmas 13×
halloween 11×
unicorn 10×

71 puzzles tagged art

A Handy Man to Have Around192A Handy Man to Have AroundA Helping Hand180A Helping HandWish Upon a Star130Wish Upon a StarMary's Quilts180Mary's QuiltsCoach Trip238Coach TripBaker's Dozen192Baker's DozenBus Station198Bus StationLittle Thoughts99Little ThoughtsNo Left Turn180No Left TurnThe Art of Being Young99The Art of Being YoungLittle Gardener180Little GardenerFeeding the Fowl195Feeding the FowlFirst Love150First LoveCountry Friends240Country FriendsMisty Lighthouse240Misty LighthousePlaying in Autumn252Playing in AutumnSheep Sale240Sheep SaleDorothy's Busy Intersection240Dorothy's Busy IntersectionDixie General Store240Dixie General StoreMiss Me180Miss Me