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Ain't Got No Body to Depend On...18Ain't Got No Body to Depend On...The Queen of Zion192The Queen of ZionDeadman's Island Fantasy280Deadman's Island FantasyPeering Through the Clouds, A Magnificent...24Peering Through the Clouds, A Magnificent...Batman and Robin: In The Beginning300Batman and Robin: In The BeginningHey You! Yah You...9Hey You! Yah You...Robot Brigade Parking Lot9Robot Brigade Parking LotRobot Brigade Parking9Robot Brigade ParkingA Hoedown With Some Monkeyshines at the Sidebar...300A Hoedown With Some Monkeyshines at the Sidebar...London Bridge is All Lit Up...12London Bridge is All Lit Up...Laugh and the World Laughs With You...6Laugh and the World Laughs With You...What Dreams, May Become...25What Dreams, May Become...Concept Beamer6Concept BeamerOnly My Hairdresser Knows...9Only My Hairdresser Knows...Eye of the Tiger12Eye of the TigerAngel in the Glass Clouds15Angel in the Glass CloudsSailing Regatta286Sailing RegattaA Surrealist9A SurrealistPalm Beach Martini6Palm Beach MartiniSeparation Anxiety15Separation Anxiety