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16 puzzles tagged dog

This doesn't taste anything like butter!35This doesn't taste anything like butter!Thirsty?24Thirsty?come on, give us a kiss!25come on, give us a kiss!breathe, Max!16breathe, Max!come on, smile!24come on, smile!see it's Dog, D-O-G24see it's Dog, D-O-GI'm his teddy bear24I'm his teddy bearyou have five toes too, Spike!18you have five toes too, Spike!ewww! human germs!24ewww! human germs!the number bed ain't got nothing on me.24the number bed ain't got nothing on me.doggy paddling?24doggy paddling?little buckaroo and sidekick20little buckaroo and sidekickThanks for the boost, Clyde!25Thanks for the boost, Clyde!going walking24going walkingfishing with my best friend20fishing with my best friendpug in the garden24pug in the garden