hummingbird closing in on lunch28hummingbird closing in on lunchviolets after the rain24violets after the raina plethora of daisies18a plethora of daisiesTiger lily24Tiger lilyclose floral inspection24close floral inspectionwoodsy violets35woodsy violetsGood morning tulips!24Good morning tulips!beautiful pink roses still life28beautiful pink roses still lifebird's eye view of pink blooms32bird's eye view of pink bloomsLilies in bloom28Lilies in bloomwild flowers a "bloomin"24wild flowers a "bloomin"babbling brook24babbling brookpurple striped flowers24purple striped flowersa lonely rose on a cloudy day24a lonely rose on a cloudy dayI'm feelin kind of blue24I'm feelin kind of blueyellow flower12yellow flowerfloral rainbow32floral rainbowwild flowers in the gloaming24wild flowers in the gloamingrhapsody in blue28rhapsody in bluein the meadow24in the meadow