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The Dutchess of Hamilton steam engine198The Dutchess of Hamilton steam engineLady & tramp238Lady & trampJerid crater256Jerid craterTo the Rockies224To the RockiesGrabbing the sum-2256Grabbing the sum-2Grabbing the sum196Grabbing the sumGarden of the Gods Sunrise228Garden of the Gods SunriseRanger the snow dog204Ranger the snow dogFire in the sky252Fire in the skyN&W crossing the James River Va.221N&W crossing the James River Va.Down the rails252Down the railsHole in the water210Hole in the waterOldest tree in the world221Oldest tree in the worldBreaking the barrier260Breaking the barrier4014 rounding the bend2104014 rounding the bendgreasing the rails for 4014260greasing the rails for 40144014 rounding the bend2214014 rounding the bendgreasing the rails for 4014221greasing the rails for 4014Cinci the cat252Cinci the catRope the moon228Rope the moon