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Watermelon seller90Watermelon sellerpeople on gig90people on gigbackhouse lineup91backhouse lineupFamily snorkeling with fish98Family snorkeling with fishMonk sounding a gong96Monk sounding a gongshepperd painting90shepperd paintingStatue of David in Italy88Statue of David in ItalyCuban couple99Cuban couplecartoon couple on a boat80cartoon couple on a boatblue motorcycle96blue motorcyclehandcraft lesson88handcraft lessonstuck in the snow99stuck in the snowcouple gardening84couple gardeningcouple silhouette at dusk96couple silhouette at duskAdorable elderly couple96Adorable elderly couplefather and son at the beach96father and son at the beachYanomami tribal man99Yanomami tribal manelderly Asian man88elderly Asian manTrain90Traincolorful painting91colorful painting