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Words to specify: +suitcase +child +scarf +gloves +dress +kid +woman +mittens +outfit +flowering

woman, watermelon99woman, watermelonStained glass98Stained glasscute Russian children80cute Russian childrenbike ride117bike ridechildren117childrenchristmas fairy130christmas fairygirl with ice skates117girl with ice skatesgirl with cat120girl with catgirl on a tree130girl on a treegirl with flower basket117girl with flower basketbeautiful blonde girl120beautiful blonde girlbeautiful girl154beautiful girlgirl in yellow dress108girl in yellow dressgirls pushing vintage car140girls pushing vintage cargirls in a flower field144girls in a flower fieldadmiring the view130admiring the viewboat ride130boat ridesunflower girl117sunflower girlgirl in santa's costume150girl in santa's costumeTeddy bear, Christmas, Gifts, girl, hat, toy108Teddy bear, Christmas, Gifts, girl, hat, toy