house (265)
cottage (165)
the (113)
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and (62)
garden (57)
country (46)
cabin (44)
flower (43)
houses (42)
red (41)
old (39)
a (38)
blue (38)
colorful (34)
christmas (30)
on (30)
autumn (28)
spring (27)

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Words to specify: +hill +the +cows +a +house

Flowers on the bench100Flowers on the benchVillage on a hill100Village on a hillRelaxing on the beach99Relaxing on the beachHuge one on the hill96Huge one on the hillBarge on the river bank99Barge on the river bankLady on bike99Lady on bikeCottage on the mountain100Cottage on the mountainBiking on the road99Biking on the roadHouse on Coral way99House on Coral wayCats on the roof66Cats on the roofOn a canoe100On a canoeCows on my lawn99Cows on my lawnCows on my lawn99Cows on my lawnChristmas on the prairie99Christmas on the prairieSanta on the roof90Santa on the roofWomen on the beach99Women on the beachHouse on sale99House on saleHouse on the hill99House on the hillTown on the hill99Town on the hillGirl on a chair99Girl on a chair