Birds dropping by for lunch,35Birds dropping by for lunch,Pineapple quilt and Bonnie30Pineapple quilt and BonnieGoldie on a good day.12Goldie on a good day.looks like a nice day40looks like a nice dayCool Cat.16Cool Cat.Pretty Goldie.30Pretty Goldie.Goldie on refrig35Goldie on refrigGoldie-what to do next42Goldie-what to do nextBonnie56BonnieGoldie-top cat.54Goldie-top cat.Goldie close up.42Goldie close up.Goldie waiting for food.24Goldie waiting for food.Bonnie watching us.54Bonnie watching us.Bonnie Blue dozing.54Bonnie Blue dozing.My cat Goldie.12My cat Goldie.Goldie up close..40Goldie up close..Sitting pretty.9Sitting pretty.Sleepy in washer.12Sleepy in washer.In my washer-----40In my washer-----Babe-our pet.9Babe-our pet.