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Winter Woods! Digital Blasphemy28Winter Woods! Digital BlasphemyFortuna!80Fortuna!The Winter Wave -Yerka72The Winter Wave -YerkaWinter evening in brugge150Winter evening in bruggeMaryEngelbreit Welcome99MaryEngelbreit WelcomeRobert Finale  Snowman!77Robert Finale Snowman!Sleigh ride99Sleigh rideWinter grand canyon130Winter grand canyonWinter-wonderland ii98Winter-wonderland iiHappywinter120HappywinterJohn Sloan Winter Tranquility150John Sloan Winter TranquilityWintertime+Gathering-9999Wintertime+Gathering-99Winter lodge72Winter lodgeWinter Stonehouse108Winter Stonehousecarolling90carollingwinter whimsy80winter whimsy046 Revutcaia110046 Revutcaia046 Revutcaia81046 RevutcaiaSusan Mitchell checking the list 1170Susan Mitchell checking the list 1Houses adj 00arabes108Houses adj 00arabes