blue 414×
green 395×
art 316×
trees 309×
water 227×
white 220×
children 205×
black 187×
flowers 176×
cat 171×
tree 171×
red 161×
orange 159×
sky 147×
painting 138×
clouds 131×
ocean 123×
house 118×
purple 115×
winter 115×

414 puzzles tagged blue

Christmas tree lights - Supervet70Christmas tree lights - SupervetStain glass waves of the sea60Stain glass waves of the seaA bright, but chilly morning in Nottinghamshire60A bright, but chilly morning in Nottinghamshire"Time" - BBC news60"Time" - BBC newsCityscape64CityscapeJapanese puffer fish - lair for female puffer fish72Japanese puffer fish - lair for female puffer fishJapanese puffer fish72Japanese puffer fishAscension Is. - UK territory72Ascension Is. - UK territorySt. Marie beach - 'Death in Paradise'72St. Marie beach - 'Death in Paradise'Eugéne Bouden Sur la Meuse 188370Eugéne Bouden Sur la Meuse 1883Pierre Bonnard Le golfe ou Paywage du midi -The Bay , the South70Pierre Bonnard Le golfe ou Paywage du midi -The Bay , the SouthMonet - Marine, Pourville, 188191Monet - Marine, Pourville, 1881Vincent van Gogh - Les Alpilles, 188980Vincent van Gogh - Les Alpilles, 1889Quote on Life - Mary Astor actress72Quote on Life - Mary Astor actressGrecian Cove70Grecian CoveCaribbean Beach70Caribbean BeachCaribbean Beach70Caribbean BeachWild Parrots of the Carribbean Isles70Wild Parrots of the Carribbean IslesCave Photography70Cave PhotographyLight of Blue christmas trees63Light of Blue christmas trees