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children (298)
water (263)
winter (234)
animals (198)
colourful (190)
cat (166)
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cars (92)
shop (85)
trees (82)
food (77)
mole (72)
horses (69)
christmas (66)
summer (65)
castles (50)
houses (50)

165 puzzles tagged craft
Tags to specify: +colourful +art +dolls +shop +children +people +animals

little rainbow balls110little rainbow ballscute pottery108cute potterya nice weave atelier88a nice weave atelierthree baby girafs72three baby girafsa field of scarecrows108a field of scarecrowstree of colourful crayons77tree of colourful crayonsa dressmaker88a dressmakercarving art faces42carving art facesi want to be a illustrator100i want to be a illustratoretch printing120etch printingtea pot as doll house56tea pot as doll houseafrican hand craft96african hand craftbeautiful painted mosaic80beautiful painted mosaica small boat shop99a small boat shopthe puzzle store80the puzzle storecollection garden gnomes60collection garden gnomescar in colourful coat90car in colourful coatto stay with grandma and pa80to stay with grandma and pacolourful chinese lantern108colourful chinese lanternthe knitting club88the knitting club