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you are my friend80you are my friendPablo Picasso110Pablo Picassoi donn't play with you70i donn't play with youBluebird and the fox80Bluebird and the foxflyer festival90flyer festivalswan ballet dance91swan ballet dancecurious of the airplanes80curious of the airplanesdelicious smoothies117delicious smoothiesi have build my own plane90i have build my own planethe pigs village80the pigs villageyou are so sweet63you are so sweetbeautiful landscape70beautiful landscapehidden in the woods60hidden in the woodsthe dwarfs playing in the woods96the dwarfs playing in the woodstwo oxen in spring100two oxen in springcarving art faces42carving art facescolourful rainy wedding couple99colourful rainy wedding couplei want to be a illustrator100i want to be a illustratori am so relaxed110i am so relaxedwe enjoyed the cruise72we enjoyed the cruise