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Riverside Walk Zion National Park140Riverside Walk Zion National ParkMormon Temple Reflection160Mormon Temple ReflectionWaterfall Splash150Waterfall SplashMore Picture Rocks Michigan170More Picture Rocks MichiganSnowy Egret Hunting150Snowy Egret HuntingPicture Rocks Michigan160Picture Rocks MichiganWater Lily180Water LilyWater Lily Duo180Water Lily DuoWater Lily Trio198Water Lily TrioSunset Anchorage Alaska198Sunset Anchorage AlaskaSnowy Egret150Snowy EgretSnowy Egret Trio120Snowy Egret TrioDew on a Fishing Line130Dew on a Fishing LineEverglade Alligator Sun Bathing150Everglade Alligator Sun BathingCarnival Conquest Ship & Pelican180Carnival Conquest Ship & PelicanCrow and Reflection108Crow and ReflectionBeartooth Lake Wyoming160Beartooth Lake WyomingFloatplane flying Lake Hood Anchorage Alaska150Floatplane flying Lake Hood Anchorage AlaskaWhirlpool150WhirlpoolSwimming Tiger140Swimming Tiger