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American Goldfinch (Female)156American Goldfinch (Female)American Goldfinch (Male)156American Goldfinch (Male)House wren160House wrenNorthern Cardinal (Male)160Northern Cardinal (Male)White-breasted Nuthatch160White-breasted NuthatchHouse Finch (Male)160House Finch (Male)Blue Jay heading to feeder.160Blue Jay heading to feeder.House Finch (Male)160House Finch (Male)Downy woodpecker (Male)160Downy woodpecker (Male)Hairy woodpecker (Female)156Hairy woodpecker (Female)Grey Catbird on Defense154Grey Catbird on DefenseNorthern Cardinal (Female)160Northern Cardinal (Female)Northern Cardinal (Male)160Northern Cardinal (Male)Rose-breasted grosbeak (Female)156Rose-breasted grosbeak (Female)Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Male)160Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Male)Grey Catbird160Grey CatbirdRed-bellied Woodpecker (Male)154Red-bellied Woodpecker (Male)Common Grackle (Male)150Common Grackle (Male)Northern Mockingbird150Northern MockingbirdRed-Bellied Woodpecker (Female)150Red-Bellied Woodpecker (Female)