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Blue Jay heading to feeder.160Blue Jay heading to feeder.Eastern Grey Squirrel (Black Phase)165Eastern Grey Squirrel (Black Phase)Common Grackle (Male)150Common Grackle (Male)Northern Mockingbird150Northern MockingbirdRed-Bellied Woodpecker (Female)150Red-Bellied Woodpecker (Female)Eastern Grey Squirrel at Feeder140Eastern Grey Squirrel at FeederMexican Wolf180Mexican WolfBison Crossing150Bison CrossingPronghorn Pair165Pronghorn PairRock Squirrel Zion National Park180Rock Squirrel Zion National ParkRaven130RavenMunching Panda130Munching PandaDouble Exposure180Double ExposureTough Love - California Elephant Seals180Tough Love - California Elephant SealsThree Abreast Draft Horse Hitch180Three Abreast Draft Horse HitchGround Squirrel198Ground SquirrelOrangutan Couple198Orangutan CoupleHawk140HawkWhite Pelican Trio150White Pelican TrioYoung Prairie Dog Sharing a snack with Mom150Young Prairie Dog Sharing a snack with Mom