art 1774×
painting 1618×
colorful 1291×
cat 756×
flowers 695×
beautiful 660×
woman 543×
tabby 401×
vintage 344×
cute 235×
anne 194×
lesley 188×
ivory 187×
19th 177×
orange 177×
garden 176×
pre-raphaelite 163×
dress 154×
c. 151×
cats 146×

1774 puzzles tagged art

Vintage Halloween Card77Vintage Halloween CardVintage Victorian Illustration-- Gothic Fiction108Vintage Victorian Illustration-- Gothic FictionFrancken (II), Frans - The Witches' Sabbath88Francken (II), Frans - The Witches' SabbathBrullov, Karl Dreams110Brullov, Karl DreamsRheam. Henry Meynell The Sorceress, 189865Rheam. Henry Meynell The Sorceress, 1898Garmashova, Irina Halloween Tabby Witch Cat80Garmashova, Irina Halloween Tabby Witch CatPicken, Linda Halloween Party110Picken, Linda Halloween PartyParker, Lisa The Witching Hour80Parker, Lisa The Witching HourApple, Linda Black-Cat-and-Moon100Apple, Linda Black-Cat-and-MoonVoth, Bridget Black Cat with Spell Book80Voth, Bridget Black Cat with Spell BookCollier, John The Death of Albine108Collier, John The Death of AlbineWaterhouse, J.W. The Magic Circle100Waterhouse, J.W. The Magic CircleShaw, John Byam Liston Now-is-Pilgrim-Fair-Autumn108Shaw, John Byam Liston Now-is-Pilgrim-Fair-AutumnFortescue-Brickdale, Eleanor The Passing of Elaine77Fortescue-Brickdale, Eleanor The Passing of ElaineMillais, John Everett Speak! (The Bride's Ghost)110Millais, John Everett Speak! (The Bride's Ghost)Voth, Bridget Bengal Kittens at Halloween77Voth, Bridget Bengal Kittens at HalloweenParker, Lisa A Brush with Magic70Parker, Lisa A Brush with MagicWeirs, Persis Clayton Kittens with Jack-O-Lantern110Weirs, Persis Clayton Kittens with Jack-O-LanternArtist Unknown Halloween Tabby100Artist Unknown Halloween TabbyApple, Linda Cat in Hat with Company80Apple, Linda Cat in Hat with Company