Cottage fireplace remenants at North Star House35Cottage fireplace remenants at North Star HouseNorth Star House 2012 restoration continues35North Star House 2012 restoration continuesNorth Star House restoration project 201135North Star House restoration project 2011Taylor Foundry Pelton Wheel35Taylor Foundry Pelton WheelPelton Wheel description35Pelton Wheel descriptionFlags over the Mining Museum30Flags over the Mining MuseumMore gold mining equipment36More gold mining equipmentMore gold mining equipment24More gold mining equipmentAnother type of Pelton Wheel24Another type of Pelton WheelStamp35StampAnother wheel35Another wheelPelton Wheel Museum35Pelton Wheel MuseumNorth Star Power House description36North Star Power House descriptionMining equipment35Mining equipmentPelton Wheel description35Pelton Wheel descriptionPelton water wheel40Pelton water wheel