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Colorful cats-Jennifer Pavia art12Colorful cats-Jennifer Pavia artSummer bouquet-Jane Girardot12Summer bouquet-Jane GirardotHouse painting12House paintingBy Sung Sam Park15By Sung Sam ParkWave, Hangmoon by Alexander Komarov15Wave, Hangmoon by Alexander KomarovGiraffes by Edward Tingatinga12Giraffes by Edward TingatingaOrange Parrots Painting by Fiona Craig12Orange Parrots Painting by Fiona CraigCatnip12CatnipDigital painting12Digital paintingTHINKING ABOUT... (Monika Luniak)12THINKING ABOUT... (Monika Luniak)Michael and Inessa Garmash12Michael and Inessa GarmashKay Smith Brushworks12Kay Smith BrushworksKatya Gridneva12Katya GridnevaChristmas by Richard Macneil.16Christmas by Richard Macneil.by Hilary Eddy12by Hilary EddyCat by Makoto Muramatsu12Cat by Makoto MuramatsuPainting by Yuliya Vladkovska12Painting by Yuliya VladkovskaKeep on Dancing- Marcello Corti12Keep on Dancing- Marcello CortiBy Monika Luniak12By Monika LuniakMykonos At Sunset12Mykonos At Sunset