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Mountain 1879 by Albert Bierstadt99Mountain 1879 by Albert BierstadtFarm Painting99Farm Painting1867 Emigrants Crossing the Plains991867 Emigrants Crossing the PlainsWestern Kansas-Albert Bierstadt99Western Kansas-Albert BierstadtThe Buffalo Trail-Albert Bierstadt99The Buffalo Trail-Albert BierstadtMount Corcoran-Albert Bierstadt99Mount Corcoran-Albert BierstadtAlbert Bierstadt99Albert BierstadtMountain Meadow by Lynne Fischer99Mountain Meadow by Lynne FischerFire Lake-Cattails by Darrell Bush99Fire Lake-Cattails by Darrell BushMerry Christmas To All & Missouri-Jesse Barnes99Merry Christmas To All & Missouri-Jesse BarnesDominic Davison99Dominic DavisonTime Flies-Darrell Bush99Time Flies-Darrell BushJesse Barnes99Jesse BarnesMountain Hideaway-Darrell Bush99Mountain Hideaway-Darrell BushDarrell Bush99Darrell BushGood Night-Darrell Bush99Good Night-Darrell BushTwillight's Calm-Darrell Bush99Twillight's Calm-Darrell BushDarrell Bush99Darrell BushDominic Davison99Dominic DavisonDominic Davison99Dominic Davison