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Lofoten Masters Unstad Norway35Lofoten Masters Unstad NorwayRocky Mountain Way35Rocky Mountain WayNature Underwater35Nature UnderwaterWhen Is Mom Coming Back?99When Is Mom Coming Back?Here Fishee Fishee99Here Fishee FisheeI Need Sunglasses99I Need SunglassesSomeone Stole My Water99Someone Stole My WaterI Can't Dip My Chips In This (Guanacos)99I Can't Dip My Chips In This (Guanacos)With A Little Kelp From My Friends99With A Little Kelp From My FriendsI Eat With A View99I Eat With A ViewSunset Over River-Albert Bierstadt99Sunset Over River-Albert BierstadtMountain 1879 by Albert Bierstadt99Mountain 1879 by Albert BierstadtFarm Painting99Farm PaintingIndians Spear Fishing-Albert Bierstadt99Indians Spear Fishing-Albert Bierstadt1867 Emigrants Crossing the Plains991867 Emigrants Crossing the PlainsWestern Kansas-Albert Bierstadt99Western Kansas-Albert BierstadtThe Buffalo Trail-Albert Bierstadt99The Buffalo Trail-Albert BierstadtMount Corcoran-Albert Bierstadt99Mount Corcoran-Albert BierstadtAlbert Bierstadt99Albert BierstadtSeal Rock-Albert Bierstadt99Seal Rock-Albert Bierstadt