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Where I Want To Be35Where I Want To BeAt The Lake In The Fall35At The Lake In The FallPath To The Lake35Path To The LakeThe Bridge35The BridgeSanta Monica Sunset99Santa Monica SunsetPebble Beach48Pebble BeachWhere The Kids Swim & Play48Where The Kids Swim & PlayPassing The Old Patriarch48Passing The Old PatriarchMuseum In Oregon35Museum In OregonMy Home Town35My Home TownWhy Haven't We Fished Here?24Why Haven't We Fished Here?Is That The Ocean Ahead?24Is That The Ocean Ahead?Crazy Nature24Crazy NatureThe Fish Are Hungry Here24The Fish Are Hungry HereBridge Outside Of Forest24Bridge Outside Of ForestAt Night35At NightOne Day I'll Be Fishing Here35One Day I'll Be Fishing HereCloudy35CloudyFlower Marks Fishing Spot35Flower Marks Fishing SpotWhere We Catch Crawdads24Where We Catch Crawdads