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Sleepy Hedgehog35Sleepy HedgehogIvory Billed Woodpecker35Ivory Billed WoodpeckerWhat A View35What A ViewHere Fishee Fishee99Here Fishee FisheeI Need Sunglasses99I Need SunglassesSomeone Stole My Water99Someone Stole My WaterDeer On Lakeshore48Deer On LakeshoreDeer On An Autumn Lakeshore by deskridge99Deer On An Autumn Lakeshore by deskridgeThis River Is Mine99This River Is MineDon't Make Me Do Stuff99Don't Make Me Do StuffWolf24WolfCrazy Like A Fox35Crazy Like A FoxFormosan Clouded Leopard35Formosan Clouded LeopardBelieved To Be Extinct The Javan Tiger35Believed To Be Extinct The Javan TigerClouded Leopard35Clouded LeopardI Can Run From 31-37 M.P.H.35I Can Run From 31-37 M.P.H.Damn This Rain35Damn This RainJohn Daniel Photography120John Daniel PhotographyWho's A Good Boy? -John Daniel300Who's A Good Boy? -John DanielYou're Here To Catch Me Fish, Not Take Pics40You're Here To Catch Me Fish, Not Take Pics