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Going Back To Work35Going Back To WorkDear Lady Thaila35Dear Lady ThailaNothing Too Fancy42Nothing Too FancyJoin Me For A Dip42Join Me For A DipTrue Love Way42True Love WayShy Admirer42Shy AdmirerHe's Here To See Me42He's Here To See MePleasure To Meet You42Pleasure To Meet YouNext Time Next Week42Next Time Next WeekI Got Time42I Got TimeGood Times42Good TimesBe My Dancer Partner42Be My Dancer PartnerActing Contrary42Acting ContraryComfortably Numb42Comfortably NumbDon't Make Me Mad42Don't Make Me MadGood Morning42Good MorningWhere Are We Going?42Where Are We Going?Time To Workout42Time To WorkoutIt Won't Be Long42It Won't Be LongMore Moreda42More Moreda