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Ready In An Hour24Ready In An HourI Decked The Town W/Lights24I Decked The Town W/LightsThe Beach Is Right Here24The Beach Is Right HereDo It To It24Do It To ItEasy As 1 2 324Easy As 1 2 3It's Supposed To Rain24It's Supposed To RainCameras Love Me24Cameras Love MeHere I Am24Here I AmAre You My Blind Date?30Are You My Blind Date?I'm Bedazzled30I'm BedazzledJust Chillin'30Just Chillin'Cindy In The Sand30Cindy In The SandThat Does It30That Does ItReady To Fire At Will30Ready To Fire At WillReady For Date Night30Ready For Date NightSeize The Day30Seize The DayFearless & Spontaneous30Fearless & SpontaneousWatch & Learn30Watch & LearnIt's Common Sense30It's Common SenseAttracted To You30Attracted To You