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Mask48MaskSomething's Happening48Something's HappeningOutstanding54OutstandingBring It On54Bring It OnTo Be Fair54To Be FairI Can't Stop Laughing54I Can't Stop LaughingWhen The Sun Hits54When The Sun HitsI Know Her As Angie54I Know Her As AngieDon't Tell Me We're Lost?54Don't Tell Me We're Lost?You Are Under Arrest54You Are Under ArrestI'm High54I'm HighRemember What I Said54Remember What I SaidShe Said I Want You54She Said I Want YouI Know Her As Katy54I Know Her As KatyHard To Thrill54Hard To ThrillDepth Of Field54Depth Of FieldBeach Kitten54Beach KittenSin City54Sin CityIt's Your Turn54It's Your TurnI May Need A Coat54I May Need A Coat