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What Do You Think?35What Do You Think?Wanna Go To The Game?35Wanna Go To The Game?Let's Work It Out35Let's Work It OutNo Big Deal35No Big DealSnow Day35Snow DayI Know Her as Dee35I Know Her as DeeI'd Like That35I'd Like ThatContagious Smile35Contagious SmileWon't Get Fooled Again35Won't Get Fooled AgainShe Laughs Every Time35She Laughs Every TimeTake A Look Over Your Shoulder35Take A Look Over Your ShoulderSweet Lady35Sweet LadyCold Desert35Cold DesertNobody Has To Know40Nobody Has To KnowWho Do You Like, Meg Or Jackie?35Who Do You Like, Meg Or Jackie?I Like Your Company35I Like Your CompanyHer Eyes Are Rubies & Pearls35Her Eyes Are Rubies & PearlsI'd Love A Drink35I'd Love A DrinkEither Esther Or Essie30Either Esther Or EssieI Know Her As Shiva30I Know Her As Shiva