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You'll Want To See This48You'll Want To See ThisThat's A Funny Story35That's A Funny StoryI Love Her Hair48I Love Her HairYou'd Like That Wouldn't You?35You'd Like That Wouldn't You?Miss USA 2019 Indiana35Miss USA 2019 IndianaI Ate Her Lunch48I Ate Her LunchDo You Mind?48Do You Mind?Don't Worry48Don't WorryBack & Firth12Back & FirthMeet Malaika12Meet MalaikaFoxy Malaika12Foxy MalaikaHighly Motivational70Highly MotivationalShe's At My Party70She's At My PartyWe Want Some Answers35We Want Some AnswersWhen Will You See Me Again?24When Will You See Me Again?Caught Me Smilin'24Caught Me Smilin'Columbian Goddess35Columbian GoddessIt's Funny You Ask12It's Funny You AskYou Came For Me12You Came For MeTime After Time12Time After Time