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Take A Look Over Your Shoulder35Take A Look Over Your ShoulderBlind Date Meeting35Blind Date MeetingSweet Lady35Sweet LadyCold Desert35Cold DesertNobody Has To Know40Nobody Has To KnowHard To Handle40Hard To HandleIndulge In The Senses96Indulge In The SensesAlone, Jealous & Stoned108Alone, Jealous & StonedThis Is Wrecking My Mind24This Is Wrecking My MindBad Hair Day48Bad Hair DayTrue Love Way48True Love WayIdeas For Redecorating42Ideas For RedecoratingWhy Do You Test Me?35Why Do You Test Me?How Long Will I Last?35How Long Will I Last?Delightful & Desirable35Delightful & DesirableWhat Is She Wearing?24What Is She Wearing?Who Do You Like, Meg Or Jackie?35Who Do You Like, Meg Or Jackie?I Like Your Company35I Like Your CompanyI'll Prove It35I'll Prove ItNina's So Charming24Nina's So Charming