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Wanna Go To The Game?35Wanna Go To The Game?Let's Work It Out35Let's Work It OutNo Big Deal35No Big DealAlways In The Cold35Always In The ColdShe's A Biter35She's A BiterThink Back35Think BackSnow Day35Snow DayI Know Her as Dee35I Know Her as DeeAll Eyes On Me35All Eyes On MeReady For Fun35Ready For FunI'd Like That35I'd Like ThatAny Plans For Tonight?35Any Plans For Tonight?Rumors Around The Steno Pool35Rumors Around The Steno PoolSplashin' Around35Splashin' AroundContagious Smile35Contagious SmileA Beauty To Behold35A Beauty To BeholdWon't Get Fooled Again35Won't Get Fooled AgainWe'll Figure It Out35We'll Figure It OutDaydreaming35DaydreamingShe Laughs Every Time35She Laughs Every Time