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Modern Muse108Modern MuseSmokin' Hot108Smokin' HotAlone, Jealous & Stoned108Alone, Jealous & StonedIn Between Memory & A Dream108In Between Memory & A DreamDon't Count On It108Don't Count On ItYou Shall Not Pass120You Shall Not PassNo More Energy108No More EnergyParis144ParisMy Kind of Paris110My Kind of ParisYou're Joking, Right?110You're Joking, Right?Thinking About Last Night108Thinking About Last NightRose Byrne108Rose ByrneCan't Take My Eyes Off You110Can't Take My Eyes Off YouOn the Edge of my Seat108On the Edge of my SeatContagious Smile110Contagious SmileIt Gets Better108It Gets BetterHey, I Know You108Hey, I Know YouRossana Davison108Rossana DavisonAna De Armas108Ana De ArmasAna De Armas108Ana De Armas