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Bite Your Tongue112Bite Your TongueMake 'Em Laugh24Make 'Em LaughFull Of Surprises35Full Of SurprisesGimme That Smile Again35Gimme That Smile AgainYou Worry Too Much80You Worry Too MuchVery Gorgeous35Very GorgeousWhen You're Far Away56When You're Far AwayYou Shall Not Pass120You Shall Not PassBehind The Thorns300Behind The ThornsI Want You To Want Me35I Want You To Want MeMaybe Next Time35Maybe Next TimeDoesn't Get Any Sweeter40Doesn't Get Any SweeterThis Is Our Weekend48This Is Our WeekendEcstasy54EcstasyTenderness30TendernessBittersweet30BittersweetLong Story Short35Long Story ShortI'm So High48I'm So HighComfortably Numb48Comfortably NumbLock the Door20Lock the Door